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Baltimore 2018


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Established in 1986, the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC, is a joint partnership of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society. The APSS organizes the SLEEP meeting, an annual meeting of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of sleep medicine.


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional membership organization dedicated to the advancement of sleep medicine with nearly 11,000 individual and sleep facility members. The AASM’s mission is to improve sleep health and promote high quality patient-centered care through advocacy, education, strategic research and practice standards.


The Sleep Research Society, established in 1961, is an organization for scientific investigators who educate and research sleep and sleep disorders. The organization serves its 1,300 members and the field of sleep research through training and education and by providing forums for the collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Additionally, it advocates on behalf of its members to increase federally-funded sleep research through grass-roots lobbying, communications efforts, and publishes SLEEP, a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal.